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​​Keith On The Prowl.

"Twentieth Century Music is based on the blues.  You wouldn't have jazz or any other modern music without the blues....every pop song, no matter how trite or crass has got a bit of the blues somewhere in it..."

Keith Richards--Foreward to "Can't Be Satisfied: The Life  & Times of Muddy Waters" by Robert Gordon.   

Palmdale Slim has been a Lover of Music all his life.  In 1978 he discovered Blues Harmonica, and from that he began a life long quest to learn the Harmonica.

Through the years, Slim realized that this journey had taken him through all genres of American Music.  Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock, Gospel---what did they all have in common?  The Blues!

Palmdale Slim Music Videos

Take a look at these Videos below.  Four original tunes and a cover of my favorite song by The Band.   Plus Videos from Muddy, Otis Rush & More. Just Scroll Down! Blues And Jazz Videos




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