Paul Oscher playing Thelonius Monk on the Bass Harmonica with his own Lyrics.

Slim & JLW talk about John Lee Hooker, Bloomfield, Cotton,  and His Huge Solo Career!

Texas Guitar Master, Lance Lopez, talks about Lucky Peterson, Buddy Miles, Eric Gales and More!!

         Bob Dylan is The Fourth of the Four Pillars of The Blues

Bob Dylan's first recorded gig was playing Harmonica for Blues Great, Big Joe Williams. Dylan's folk based rock uses Blues themes and lyrics from long ago.  More than anyone, Bob Dylan has taken The Blues into places never thought of before, all while retaining the power and dignity of The Blues.  For that reason, Bob Dylan is the Fourth Pillar of The Blues.

​         Hank Williams is The Third of the Four Pillars of The Blues

Hank Wiiliams brought The Blues back to Country Music, following in the tradition of Jimmie Rodgers, Ernest Tubb and others.  He learned the Blues as a youngster, from a local musician named Tee Tot.  His influence in Country ,Rock, Blues, and even Jazz is profound and still holds sway til this day.  For those reasons, Hank is a Pillar of The Blues

  ​            ​​Louis "Pops" Armstrong is The First of the  Four Pillars of The Blues    

Pops was literally the first Jazz Musician to step out from behind the Bandstand to show all Musicians that the ultimate musical expression comes from Individuals telling their stories through their music.

Pops was steeped in The Blues.  West End Blues, Memphis Blues, St. Louis Blues---and countless other Blues Tunes were staples in his  live performances.  Pops also understood that all American Music was based in the Blues.  He recorded with Country Music Pioneer Jimmie Rodgers, and almost 40 years later  sang the same song on TV with Johnny Cash.  

All Music Is The Blues is a website dedicated to celebrating the music of America that is based in The Blues. The music that links Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters,  Hank Williams and Bob Dylan is America's greatest export and most important cultural innovation. Blues And Jazz Podcasts



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​         Muddy Waters is The Second of the Four Pillars of The Blues  

Muddy Waters still reigns today as the King of Chicago Blues.  Born in the Sharecropper South, Muddy went North to Chicago and imported his style of Country Blues.  The Big City experience of Chicago demanded a different type of tough, amplified, music.  Muddy and his sidemen created what we know today as Chicago Blues.

Muddy is a Pillar of The Blues because he showed the world through his friendship with Rock Musicians in both America and England where The Blues came from.    

                                        The Pillars of The Blues

​                      Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Hank Williams and Bob Dylan